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After-sale serviceAttentive, intimate and reassuring service system



Service first
Attentive, intimate and reassuring service system

Establish perfect service quality standard. Under the guidance of the service concept, lujiete has established a set of perfect internal quality control standards and after-sales service process system. Through the internal control standards and after-sales service process, the after-sales service work forms a complete chain. All links closely cooperate and support each other to form the internal service system of the enterprise, improve the overall service quality of the enterprise and improve the after-sales service level Times.

Service system

Service response time
7x24x365 Annual technical support

Lujiete customer service department has a 24-hour (7x24x365 annual technical support) hotline service (Tel: 400-1010-111) to accept users' calls, so as to ensure that users can get timely technical support and service in the process of using the equipment. For the equipment failure, our company guarantees to respond to the user's maintenance needs within 5 minutes after receiving the user's disassembly, solve the vehicle failure within 12 hours, and repair the major failure within 48 hours; and provide spare machine within 24 hours. No matter when and where, our company guarantees that it will respond to the requirements of users as quickly as possible and solve the problems existing in the equipment for users.

Quick response

Service process
The first time to solve customer problems

1. Rapid response: (1) The customer service specialist answers the phone, quickly judges the fault type by asking the fault situation, and assigns the event to the relevant technical engineer; (2) The technical engineer judges the general cause of the fault, carries relevant accessories, software and tools, and arrives at the destination quickly within the specified time to eliminate the fault; 2. Fill in the service report: (1) After the technical engineer solves the fault, fill in the service report; (2) After the service report is confirmed by the relevant person in charge of the user, the on-site service is completed; (3) Deliver service report to customer service specialist; 3. Supervise and manage after sales service (1) The customer service specialist calls the user to confirm the completion of the service and ask for service opinions; (2) 2. The customer service specialist will input the service report into the computer and file it; 4. Tracking service after troubleshooting: Visit the customers regularly, inquire about the operation of the equipment after troubleshooting, and make records.

Solve customer problems


Strive for zero fault in elevator


Green jet set up service management system. To provide high-quality service, through the efficient coordination of various departments, the company began to implement the whole process control concept from the management, set up special personnel in the management to be responsible for service management, hold service work meetings regularly, and check the work process of the management assurance system according to the indicators. (7x24x365 annual real-time technical support) hotline service (Tel: 400-1010-111) accepts users' calls to ensure that users can get timely technical support and service in the process of using the equipment.


After sales service terms

The company has a complete after-sales service and warranty system. After the customer purchases the car, the company quickly establishes the customer file and pays a return visit every quarter. The company has a detailed record of the customer's feedback information. Answer the questions raised by customers in time and deal with the quality problems in time.

1、 After the delivery of the car, provide the customer with car training, and explain the customer's questions, so that the product can achieve the best use effect
2、 The vehicle warranty period is one year. In case of quality problems, our company will provide free maintenance and replacement services to customers
3、 If the product quality problems, after receiving customer calls, the provinces and cities within 24 hours, other provinces and cities within 48 hours to arrive in time. In other provinces, the local or nearby maintenance personnel should deal with it in time, and then report it to the head office
4、 During the warranty period, if it is artificially damaged by the user, the company will charge the corresponding material and cost for maintenance
5、 After the expiration of the warranty period, our company will continue to carry out the annual quality tracking inspection, and contact the customers in time to solve the problems

After service
Free service

Free service

With the growing maturity of people's consumption psychology, people's consumption concept is also undergoing fundamental changes. People pay more and more attention to vehicle service while paying attention to vehicle brand and internal quality. According to modern marketing theory, service, as one of the components of the whole vehicle, is an additional and guaranteed benefit provided by the enterprise to the buyer by using its own production, technology, information and other conditions and advantages before, during and after the sale of the vehicle. With the development of market economy, more and more enterprises have accepted the idea of "seeking service with quality". The higher service level of enterprises will make consumers more satisfied, so as to enhance the confidence and desire to buy green jet electric vehicles.

Free service

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