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MaintenanceAttentive, intimate and reassuring service system


User firstReputation firstService first

Service first, establish a attentive, intimate and reassuring service system.

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    The maintenance personnel shall strictly pass the internal training and assessment for 3 months
    Only in this way can they work with certificates

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    The purpose of our company's service quality management system is to establish and continuously improve a scientific, reasonable and efficient service quality management system.

Green jet set up service management system. To provide high-quality service, through the efficient coordination of various departments, the company began to implement the whole process control concept from the management, set up special personnel in the management to be responsible for service management, hold service work meetings regularly, and check the work process of the management assurance system according to the indicators. (7x24x365 annual real-time technical support) hotline service (Tel: 400-1010-111) accepts users' calls to ensure that users can get timely technical support and service in the process of using the equipment.

We have professional technical team and strict service process from delivery to maintenance

Pre salePre sale

1. After the product arrives at the place designated by the user, the user organizes the acceptance of the vehicle.

2. According to national standards, industry regulations or other relevant standards for product acceptance.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, the quality certification documents such as the product certificate shall meet the national, industrial or the acceptance standard of the bid inviting party, and shall be accepted and delivered for use by relevant departments

4. According to the requirements of the contract, the packing list, product configuration list and product components are consistent, and a complete set of technical data, such as product manual, product factory certificate, and operation manual, are attached.


After salesAfter sales

1. Customer first, reputation first, high quality, perfect after-sales service is the extension of our product value and an important guarantee for the interests of customers

2. Establish and constantly improve the scientific, reasonable and efficient service quality management system, just, accurate and timely complete the customer service quality assurance work, and establish a good, comprehensive and sufficient service system for our company's customer service.

3. Establish a 7 * 24-hour duty system, maintain the smooth communication of maintenance personnel, service telephone: 400 1010 111

4. Free warranty in December. In order to make better use of the products by vehicle users, actively find and solve problems, and consult users' opinions and suggestions on our products, our company conducts on-site inspection on the equipment use site irregularly during the warranty period.

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